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Asked: 4 years ago

Expanded beastiary?

So, can I unlock more pages for regular monsters, or is there only one? Thaqt is, pages of info, like bosses have two?.

Additional details - 4 years ago

That is, I read somewhere that the beastiary could be expanded, that is, mention things like how a sanguini sucks blood to become a manguini, is that clearer?

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From: TGSnowwy 4 years ago

I believe you mean the Thief's Acquisitiveness skill "Eye for Trouble" (68 skill points).

Quoting from the official guide: "Adds more information to the targeted monster's bestiary entry."

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Pages will show up as monsters appear on them. Bosses will appear further back in the bestiary, for example. It will continue to expand until you have at least one monster from every page.

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Every monster you encounter has two parts of information, as well as two drop items. Upon your first encounter, you only see the one of each. The Thief skill Eye for Trouble expands your bestiary entry for that monster.

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