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Where do you find Baramos?

I have the map, but I don't know where to fight him.

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WildWesley answered:

The map I got was southwest of Wormwood creek.
If it's not there, then click on FAQS. Under Maps and Charts, Zaraf has submitted pictures showing every treasure map by region. Just sift through until you see your map.
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yab answered:

It depends on the location shown on the map (there are many different ones). Look at the treasure map dungeons in the faqs to find it.
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Chaotic1301 answered:

Go on the Treasure map guide and look at all of the maps until you find the matching map and then go to the location shown with the Starflight Express and a ! should appear the hit A and the cave will appear
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DQ9Junkie answered:

The one I got was in Stornway. You go to the right of Stornway like your going to Zere, but instead of going to Zere go up the stairs on your right and then keep going up until you are around that bend and if that is the right map you should see a exclamation point. :D
Okay this answer confused me. -_-"
Sorry if it's no help....
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ViridianS1 answered:

Go Here:

Look Under Maps and Charts until you find the map that matches yours :)
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soukingl13 answered:

Might be no help but my baramos is near porth laffan
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explosion003 answered:

Ok im confused where do you get the map in the first place?
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explosion003 answered:

I got the quest does it automatically give me the map?
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