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How do i make Liquid Metal Slime not runaway?

I know you can't completely stop them from running away, but how can i make them stay longer?

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Crazed_kid answered:

There are tons of skills and strategies about fighting these menace. All metal slimes are immune to magic and have someting like a 50-50 chance of fleeing. Multi-hit skills are good for lower health slimes in bunches or a high hp slime by itself. Crushed ice, flailing nails, multi-thrust, rain of pain, are all good choices for those. Also the one hitter quitters are extremely useful against MKS and PKG such as hatchet man, assassin dagger, and thunder thruster.
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PokemonVeteran answered:

i don't know the success rate, but have you tried putting them to sleep with something like snooze? You might want to also experiment with scaring them with war cry.
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bosstoneman answered:

The way kill them is using my mage to just do a regular attack. idk how it works but it did just try to do regular attacks with all of your fighters
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AndrewD581 answered:

I just try to pummel down quick b4 they get a chance to escape really. Metal slash and high aglity is a great help.
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pyromite answered:

There's no definite way to freeze a metal slime of any kind short of the Martial Artist's coup de grace, Roaring Tirade.

Some abilities to employ to kill them off quickly would multi-hit attacks like the claws ability Flailing Nails or metal slime specific special attacks like the sword ability Metal Slash or the boomerang ability Metalicker. If you go for Metal Slash, equip a Falcon Blade or Uber Falcon Blade since it can hit twice.

It's also fair to assume that the metal slime will run at the first chance, so they're supposed to be frustrating to fight and that much more satisfying to kill.
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StellaRella answered:

I will do the following to defeat them quickly:

1. train your characters agility by leveling up 100 skill points to focus since you are able to max out agility - the stats will pass to your other new vocations as well, if you change. Or at least have 1 martial artist on your team. I think thief's acquisitiveness also give you an opportunity to max 30 point of agility to your stats.
2. If you are training for low levels, you need at least 1 character to know how to use thunder thrust (recommended of them in case other 2 attack fails) and high levels or even high agility though you receive less points if your level too low.
3. Wear agility ring

I have 3 characters knows how to use spear despite of vocation including one of the low level character though my hero does not use spear but sword. Thunder thrust is the best attack to kill metal slime but could be frustrating when it fails and the metal slimes gets a chance to flee.
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StellaRella answered:

I think it is best to fight king metal slime since they are more common than liquid metal slime and they hardly flee. Though i seen them flee where there are other 2 monsters in the same battle. Some how i can easily kill them when they are on their own in battle or with another king metal slime and they didn't get a chance to flee. They give you at least 120000 xp and they are quite common in high level grottos, but it is best to note down which grotto and floor you can find them so you come back later to train, but that's only if you come across them when you visit grottos. I used to train by fighting liquid metal slime in angel fall high ground (small area and easy to find) since they are common there with other slime monsters but they get too rare and it drives me nuts when i keep wandering around to find them and i only see metal slimes - boring. They even flee and disappears before you get a chance to battle them - i could use vanish or holy water but a waste of magic. Not sure is it because I have defeated tonnes and there are none left - lol
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Wilder2523 answered:

I find the best way to hunt any kind of metal slime is to have a character with a high level of deftness and agility equip a Demon Spear, and use Pressure Pointer. With the high level of agility you will strike before they can flee, then the combination of Demon Spear (possible 1-hit kill) + Pressure Pointer ( also possible 1-hit kill) + high level of deftness (chances for critical, and I believe it also affects one-hit kills) = Reasonable odds to kill any metal slime in a single strike.
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WildWesley answered:

I use metal slash while equipped with a falcon sword. If you haven't beaten the game, then use metal slash with your strongest sword equipped.
Hatchet man also works well, it basicly either misses or hits critical. If your whole team uses it, then you should kill them with no problems.
As far as I know, you can't keep them from running away. Warcry and all manner of spells don't effect them.

Metal slimes are a cornerstone of the DQ series. They are immune to all attack spells, have very high defense and agility, low hp, and run about half the time.
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Chaotic1301 answered:

Use Vanish and they won't notice your present then use wolf wistle have a ball and 2 normal attacks because they only have 7 HP
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