Question from tmx121

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can i get easy glass frits?

I need it for alchemy.

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From: Lord_Nuruhuine 4 years ago

In the south-west of the main Gleeban island (Djust Desert) there's a small darker "patch" visable on your map, Glass Frits will be found there. Personaly found anywhere between 1 and 5 at a time, so if there aren't many, collect them, rest at the inn, save and quit, restart and check again!

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Just to clarify, if you go straight west after using Zoom to get to Gleeba you'll run through the center of the patch. It's still in the South-western quadrant of the map though :P

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There are also more by upover in the southwest beach. The other option is also to steal from the birds by gleeba and the hammerheads.

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