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Asked: 4 years ago

Half-Inch success rate?

I'm going through the quests and many of them require alchemy. The problem is, the reagents don't respawn as fast as I'd like and I resort to hunting monsters for materials. Are there any factors that increase the success of the 'Half-Inch' ability?

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Thanks for the replies, you were both helpful but I decided to close the question by accepting the first answer. Now to find the accessory...

Accepted Answer

From: headquincey 4 years ago

Factors that increase steal chance are the following:
Higher deftness and the Thief revocation accessory doubles you overall chance. If you want to steal, ranger would be best considering it has the highest deftness at lvl99.

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I've always assumed the Half-Inch success rate is proportional to the success rate of dropping the item after battle. I'm sure deftness plays a good role, plus the Honor Among Thieves accessory for revocating a thief certainly helps, but as far as I know it's all proportional to the actual drop rate of the item.

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