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How do you get and/or alchemise (recipe) silver mail?

Making platnum mail.

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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Err...Silver mail is bought in Bloomingdale for 4,000 gold...

You asked for silver mail but you're trying to get platinum mail...?

x1 Silver Mail , x1 Gold Ring, x1 Gold Bracer to make Gold Mail.

x1 Gold Mail, x1 Platinum Ore, x1 Hephaestus' Flame to make Platinum Mail.
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dragonsakura22 answered:

You can buy Silver Mail in the Bloomingdale Armor shop, the one closest to the dock. It costs 4000G
To make Platinum Mail, you need to 1st make gold mail.
Gold Mail= 1x Silver Mail(Bought in Bloomingdale for 4000G)+ 1x Gold ring(Bought in Porth Llaffan for 220G)+ 1x Gold Bracer(Bought in Porth Llaffan for 350G)
Platinum Mail= 1x Gold Mail(Alchemy) + 1x Platinum Mail(Spawn point= Go north of Bloomingdale and then east) + 1x Hephaestus' Flame(Alchemy= 1x Toad Oil + 1x Lava Lunp + 1x Royal Soil)
Hope I Helped!
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cheesepuff121 answered:

Silver mail is a non-alchemisable item, but you can buy it from the Bloomingdale armour shop.
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