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Asked: 4 years ago

Using Reset Stones?

I posted this question a few days ago and it never showed, so here goes again:

If I use a reset stone, do I get my Alchemy Regents back? Specificly, if I use a Reset Stone on Erdricks Sword, will I get my Orichalcum back?

Accepted Answer

From: pyromite 4 years ago

Reset Stones only work in certain recipes. It's a lot like Malicite for cured cursed equipment, all it does is revert the alchemized item back to it's basic crappy form. My opinion, save the Reset Stone for an Alchemiracle misfire or to complete your Alchenomicon.

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I think that reset stones only work on alchemiracle recipes. As far as I know, you will still have your weapon or armor that you were trying to upgrade, but I don't know about the other items necessary to upgrade it. Reset stones don't work on things like Erdrick's sword.

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