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What is a good party?

I have a lvl 51 gladiator, 47 MA, 40 paladin, 42 ranger, and i want to unlock sage. who should i change to sage?

ps. i didnt beat the game

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I beat godywn, and i am in realm of mighty, and i want to become stronger. i might change the ranger because she has a bad defense and is always the first 2 die in boss battles

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I would like to get advice from an experienced player who has beat the game

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should i change my MA (focusing on bow skill), or my ranger (focusing on axe)

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thanks. i am going to change my ranger into gladiator, and MA into sage.

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jiraiya19 answered:

I gave long range weapons to my magic folks so I could keep them on the back line

this is your group
a lvl 51 gladiator - great fighter with "feel the burn"
, 47 MA - decent fighter but swords have a higher attack, I would change to a warrior or a gladiator
(you should have two great swords by now, falcon and miracle or even eldricks)
40 paladin, - great defender but a priest is a better healer, I would max out the paladin then switch
42 ranger, - why?in my opinion, this guy should be a mage, thief, armamentalist, someone that either packs a punch or supports the group)

you can't get the sage until post game(i think)
if you want the best possible group, max out all the skills for warriors, glads, armam, thiefs, then settle on a team
(remember that it's better to max out skills post-game because of slime hill and higher level grottos)
max out swords for the abilities, axe for the power, wands for the magic might.
I choose my group as a balanced group, healer, magic, and strength
but, i've restarted the game so I can pass it again with the classes I neglected, eg. ranger, thief, minstrel
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jiraiya19 answered:

My group was 2 Gladiators, mage and priest level 48
once I beat the game, I changed my guy to a sage because high level grottos require 2 healers

I had my preist with bows, mage with boomerrangs, me with swords and my Glad with axes.
I thought it was a very balanced group
(btw, i've reseted the game and I'm trying to beat the game with nothing but minstrel)
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