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Extra Quest Help?

I need help with my Action Replay. I don't use my Action Replay much anymore but I don't want to wait until december to unlock aquila. I have done quite a few extra quests then decided to use my ar to get the rest but some of my quests apear to be unfinished when they are actualy finished. It says clear in the corner and shows the description but it won't let me do the quest it unlocks. If someone could come up with a code that doesn't have this problem or something that erases extra quests so I can do them again after I enter this code, that would be great. Any aditional info can be provided if asked for.
Thanks : )

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Also, I didn't save so if I have to wait, I can, but I thought since nothing like this is being asked, I might as well ask. I know I'm not the only one who wants to use this code after doing a few story extra quests.

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Yeah. I didn't save so I can wait. I'm really far in my game, I have a pretty good party and a ton of rare items so I don't want to restart my game. If anyone has a code that can bypass this problem such as erasing extra quests or that just unlocks ones you havent done ( In my case, quest 134 and beyond ) that would be great.
Thanks : )

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shadowpenguin1 answered:

I guess there isn't an action replay code for the extra quests.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Same thing happened to me. Most of the quests you just have to go back and talk to the person you gave it to and then talk to them again and you will finish it. Some quests will be stuck like that. I had the same dang problem and i saved so I am thinking of just running through the whole game again and using the code to see if it will just work.
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