Question from DragooN_25

3 Items missing?

My Sage's Scripture,Minstrels Manual,and Sterling's Whistle aren't in my bag anymore.How do I get them back?

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

It was in my Hero's bag and I went to use it and it wasn't there.I also checked my party members bags and my bag and it wasn't there either.

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

Same thing with the scrolls.

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

I've cecked 5 times carefully and I still didn't find them.

DLR12345 asked for clarification:

Mine went missing after i accidently switched it for a healing item :/

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

Is there another way to get them back?

jonniemike asked for clarification:

Did you check your Important Items category? I've not gained any of these...but I would look there to see if they happen to be that important. =B Otherwise I have no clue. Could you have given them to someone in multiplayer by accident? (I know - not likely.)

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TGSnowwy answered:

Click the Organize Items option. This will clear each character's inventory of everything except the Special Scroll items (and put the other stuff in the bag). Now go to the bag and have it arrange items alphabetically (I think it was the select button). If they're really not in there, then the options are:
1) A terrible glitch.
2) You got them all in one run and forgot to save before turning the game off.
3) You were using Action Replay or some other device and messed up.
None of which I can help you with.
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Azn_Playah answered:

The more important question is how do you lose them in the first place? The only places they can even be are in your bag and in your characters' inventories since they can't be sold or dropped.
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Mr_Bojingo answered:

I would suggest looking through your bag over and over again. In my own personal experience, i try to look for something and i can't find it. When in reality, with like 13 pages of items in my bag, i tend to overlook it on a page, so i have to usually check each item 1 by 1 rather then quickly skimming each page. I'm betting you accidentily transfered it to your bag or something. So i would suggest slowly searching your bags, starting from the last page and searching backwards.
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pyromite answered:

I've noticed a glitch in the inventory and field magic/spells screen where some items are missing. Mine was only a temporary glitch, so I'd suggest closing your menu, leave the area and head to a different map, and open up there. It may have something to do with those exact coordinates in the game's map, maybe there's something buggy with the game's codes, maybe you just have a defective copy. If it continues, complain about it to Square and you'll have to restart the game.
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Distortion1996 answered:

Either the games glitched (unlikely) or maybe you turned it off without saving or even started a quest which required you ti give them in (unlikely).
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