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What's the mininum level to beat the game?

I have a Minstrel, Warrior, Mage and a Priest. None of them have had any of their vocations changed and I don't plan on changing their vocations until I have a Paladin, Gladiator, Sage and a Ranger (or forget the Ranger and get 2 Sages).

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yaybongo answered:

Ok a good level might be level 42-60 ibeated the game with 2 level 40 or somting and two 50s
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TGSnowwy answered:

I had that party and beat the game at about level 40-42. I did have the best equipment I could buy or make at the time (including 4 Catholicon rings), and the level 40 Minstrel Quest reward that lets you use Gritty Ditty. I had a few low-level skills from other vocations (Wizard Ward, Half-Inch, Psyche-up, etc), but not enough to throw off the basic stats. You might want to have some Yggdrasil revival items on hand in case the bosses get lucky on you. During the final boss, have everyone defend the round after he heals/laughs. You can probably beat it at even lower levels if you have good equipment and know what you're doing.
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