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How do I beat Battering Betterflies?

I've never seen most enemies run away, but the point of this quest is to beat up the Betterflies and then let them escape. Do you have to be a specific class to do this (ie, a Ranger), or just patient?

Pokegirl provided additional details:

OK thanks, but another question. Can I kill any incendental monsters (any that aren't the Betterflies) that show up with them, or do I have to let them run too?

Accepted Answer

Azn_Playah answered:

Hit them a few times with weak attacks if you can without killing them and then just be patient. As long as you're able to accept the quest then you're high enough level that they'll eventually run away.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

You can choose to kill any other monsters that come with the Betterflies if you want not necessary to let them run away.

Also depending on your level you might not even need to hit the Betterflies and they'll run away.
If you they don't run away from you doing nothing get a character that has a weak attack strength and do a bit of damage and continue to defend until they run away.
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