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Can you pickpocket the rarer drops of monsters?

I am farming for gold bars by killing Drakularges and I was wondering if you can get them through pickpocketing, or if you can only pickpocket Dragon Scales

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Derak_Necron answered:

You can potentially pickpocket both of a creatures drops that are listed in the Bestiary, but only one item per fight per creature. Also, stealing an item does not mean that creature will only drop thier second item (even through the use of Itemised Kill coup de grace). IE: Cumulas Rex's have Thunderball/Lightning Staff, you steal the Thunderball and use Itemised Kill, after the fight the Cumulas Rex drops a Thunderball. Eventually, you should either steal the Gold Bar or it'll drop... haven't had both the rare item stolen and dropped from the same monster, yet but it could be sweet.

I am not sure how the Thief's scroll will change the stealing stuff. Also, you may not be able to steal Grotto bosses second item (Equinox has Dragon Scale/Dragontail Whip, so you can only steal the Scales.) Again, not 100% positive about these last two,
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leafyoddish98 answered:

Yep, you can. Although it is more difficult to get the items you want.
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