Question from 2wingedangel

Help with EXP multiplier AR code?

How do I make this AR code work?

ReDDsHaD0w asked for clarification:

Are you using the right code?
What type of exp multiplier is it?
2x?128x? etc etc.

Maybe you didn't put in the code right?

2wingedangel provided additional details:

Thanks. It was just that I put in the code incorrectly by 1 digit. (a bit embarrasing, I won't lie)

Accepted Answer

ReDDsHaD0w answered:

On another note...
Here's a exp multiplier for 128x exp:

5215525C E0832002
0215525C E0832382
D0000000 00000000

For this code you just need to input it and fight monsters nothing else.
0 0

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