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At what level can I beat final boss solo?

Question says it all.

Accepted Answer

WildWesley answered:

I beat the final boss at lv 48. It depends though. You'll have to level other vocations and allocate their skill points. Shield, Virtue, Guts, etc work well against him. You want speed, strength, and resilience. You should also have very good equipment. I suggest Life Bracer and Uber Miracle Sword to heal yourself automaticly each turn.
Don't forget to use Magic Mirror every time it wears off. His Kafrizz spell is powerful, and bouncing it back at him works great.
Keep Ygdrasil Dew, a Sage's Elixir, and healing items in your inventory. Lastly, the semi-final boss is often harder than him, but the same strategy should work.
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