Question from Luiman04

Is it possible to beat legacy bosses solo by getting all class skills?

Virtue, focus, litheness, fource, etc.

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WildWesley answered:

With maxed skills you can easily beat the main story solo. I'm sure you can beat Legacy bosses solo if they are level 1. Once they start leveling up though, no single character would be able to beat them.
Of course, if you continuously dodge everything you could eventually beat them. But the odds of that are probably a billion to one.
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pyromite answered:

Solo? As in, with only one character? I should think it's impossible to beat half of the story without a team to back you up. At the very least, pretty damn hard.

I refer you to the FAQs section for Legacy Bosses. If you're stupidly lucky, you might take out Baramos at lvl 1 solo. But that's only with massive luck and massive skill.

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