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Easy Brighten Rocks?

I've been killing Goodybags for the last three hours, but the only thing they are not dropping anything. I also found a spot near Gleeba, but it doesn't respawn too often. I've also heard of another spot, but I can't find it.

So, any way of getting easy brighten rocks?

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Thanks for the fantastic tip. Anymore for future reference?

ddgafd provided additional details:

Thanks for the awesome tips, I'll be sure to use them if need be.

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pyromite answered:

There is a spawn point northeast of Gleeba, at an old well north of the oasis, but you've already found that. There's also a spawn point on the east side of the Wormwood Canyon, on the northwestern point. But if you're looking for common enemies that drop them, head deep inside a grotto.

The Cosmic Chimeara can be killed pretty easily and drop Brighten Rocks like they were a dead currency. The only problem is, they're only found deep in nature grottoes. Find a high level nature grotto, you'll find enough Cosmic Chimaeras to fill a demonic aviary.
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Azn_Playah answered:

The other spot is west of Wormwood Creek, up the steps, and left into the area with dirt and rocks.
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Derak_Necron answered:

Half-Inch the Goodybags. One of the faster ways to get brighten rocks if you can get goodybags to spawn regularly. I have a hard time with them spawning outside Batsuereg.

Also the other spot mentioned by Azn Playah, is good. Use a Map from to find wormwood creek.
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