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2 Questions?.

How do you get the Nokturnus map and is he the strongest monster in the game?

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It looks to be that Nokturnus is indeed the most powerful in the game, but his map won't be available until you download the final quest of all the downloadable quests. Unfortunately, that won't be made available until February 11, 2011. I also wouldn't try any cheating devices, since there's a good chance you'll destroy your game.

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eh. i've used an Action replay to get all of the quests. But you dont wanna use it unless you haven't started ANY downloadable quests

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Noobs!!!! To get the Nokturnus map by LEGIT questing!!!! You need a pair of metal slime sollerets(or evolution of) and there are 2 quests you must complete. The first is a bunny girl on a hill near wormwood creek(need Sterlings Whistle) asks for a really fast pair of boots. Give her the metal slime sollerets and she'll give you a Venus' Tear. Use the whistle to get to the cave on the coast to the east of Bloomingdale. Accept the sheeps quest and give the sheep the Venus' Tear. The sheep will dig up a crumpled piece of paper and you will recieve "Nokturnus Map Lv. 1"

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