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Asked: 4 years ago

What manga/anime characters can be made?

What hair, eyes...etc, and what class should/could they be?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Apart from the Dragon Ball characters, (I already have Uub and Goku)

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Hmm, there's a few. Quite a few Dragon Ball style haircuts in there, and from that you can probably make other characters.

As a quick example, my main character, by appearance and name, is Uub.

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Nice name, Arashmin, Uub :)

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Like the DBZ indian kid?

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They have older gohan hair

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Yeah, like Kid Buu's little reincarnation dealy. Who fuses with Majin Buu (the big pink one) much later on.

Also, I looked through the hair a bit more, and you can also make the Pirate girl from DQ8 (hair done up in strands), and, well, a lot of DQ characters I guess; other than that, it's really just whatever designs you can make work to look like your Anime character of choice.

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Most of the Dragon Ball Z characters. You can make Goku, Crillin(forgot how you spell it), The Maj uub or whatever his name was with the mohawk, Not sure about anyone else though.

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