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I beat the game, and I have a full 99 team, with all weapons/skills maxed out. should i restart?

ps i conquered 6 grottos

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Are legacy bosses the same as grotto bosses

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who aRe legacy bosses

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Ya, i changed my mind. Also, what do you think is the best weapon aesthetically as well as powerfully. Whips/staves look kool, but swords are the most powerful, so what type of weapon is the best in both categories? thanks

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Luiman04 answered:

You need certain maps to fight legacy bosses. They're tougher grotto bosses if you will. And no don't restart there's more quests to come and more grottos, many more grottoes than just 6. Do all the quests and explore every grotto then you can restart. Or help out a friend if any have this game.
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yab answered:

if you want. You could also try getting the legacy bosses and level them to 99.
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