Question from bagkingz

Asked: 4 years ago

Is there any extra elemental attack boost in this game...a la Pokemon? (fire>grass)

I've noticed that crack is more powerful than frizz, regardless what enemy it is....just want to make sure this is true.

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From: pyromite 4 years ago

The bestiary in question is found at the bottom of my answer. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily need magic to use the elements to your advantage, as a handful of weapons automatically provide elements to your normal and some special attacks. Also note that every monster family is especially weak to a special attack from a certain weapon. Dragons take extra damage from Dragon Slash (sword), machines take extra from Can Opener (claws), birds take more from Flutter Disaster (bow).

BTW, here's the link for the bestiary. There are spaces in it, so fix it before you hit enter.
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Check the bestiary and you'll find each enemy's weaknesses. Those apply to spells like crack/frizz as well as the Fource abilities which make your physical attacks turn into the corresponding element.

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