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Wave of sap on the wrong character ?

I did the level 40+ mage quest by giving the wand to my priest and have him do the evil priest kills instead of my mage ( who plainly sucks at hitting stuff) . When I got the reward, the faeries talked about a scroll but it's my priest who got the skill "wave of sap" and not the mage ( the priest had 8 levels of mage, however). That leads me to two questions :
_ can I give the skill to my mage ?
_ if I delete my priest, will have to say goodbye to the unlocked skill ?

Accepted Answer

Azn_Playah answered:

Those skills you get from quests are actually items that only give the skill to whoever's holding it. So look for the corresponding item in your inventory of the character that has the skill and transfer it to whoever you want it to be on. If you delete the priest you don't really lose anything since items and equipment are then transferred to your bag.
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