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Asked: 4 years ago

What's the minimum requirement for a rank S grotto?

I've got a level 99 team and I've revocated everyone once. At best, I'm stuck cycling between grottoes reaching down to rank B. Do I need to revocate my team two more times just to reach down to S? What's the minimum?

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The minimum is 9 total party revocations and party at lvl99 for being able to get high level grotto maps.

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anything about 90+ will start you at C bud. And there is no way that you will get to the boss in a 90+ map in under 12 levels.

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To elaborate, you get rank S by traversing 12 floors into a rank C. Every 4 floors, the rank goes up. C is the maximum starting point sorry.

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In my experience you don't have to revocate at all. I had an S-Ranked Ruins grotto without any revocations, I just came across it randomly. I just kept on beating grottoes until I got lucky.

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