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Anyone know where i can find Wight Kings?

The only places i know they're SUPPOSE to appear, is the G. Palace, the Obliette, Ice grottos monster rank 7, and water grottos monster rank 6 and 7. Since i've cleared the game already, the palace is out of the question, i've gone through the obliette up and down and they just wont spawn, and i've gone through 2 different water grottos that's suppose to have them, but they just dont show up. I'm at a complete loss here. Does anyone know any other places that these guys are suppose to appear at?

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Oh yeah, and i went through all the floors of the water grottos that are suppose to have them. I cross-referenced the monsters that spawn with the Zaraf's guide and Dragovian1's guide, and i know for sure i'm on the right floors, they just aren't showing up. All the other monsters on the lists are showing up, but not the Wight Kings.

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yab answered:

They can also be found on the far northeast island around the house/pit with horses area.
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