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How do i defeat corvus in his final form???

Eddie minstrel level 53
Mumsey priest level 39
Paul martial artist level 52
George thief level 55

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Arashmin answered:

I didn't find him all that hard, on my second go through. All my characters were lvl 39 in their main class, and lvl 36 in all classes. I even used all the same main classes as you. Some strategies I could suggest, though, would be to get the Minstrel quests completed (Tom Foolery, a ghost in Alltrades, will give you the quests) so that you have the Minstrel Manual, and therefore Gritty Ditty - great strength booster. Keep healing and buffing with your priest each turn - give her a wand to facilitate the MP and spell-casting. If your Martial Artists knows Psyche Up, have Eddie use Egg On on her and her Psyche up in the same turn, then in the next turn Egg On again and use your most powerful attack - at levels like that, if you have a focus value of 50, you should deal roughly 700 damage.
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