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Calculating Revocation Stats?

So, the number of times you've revocated affects the level of maps you pick up in grottoes, and the more times you revocate, the better your maps will be.

My question: how is your revocation stat calculated?
A) The combined number of times you've revocated in all professions?
B) The number of times you've revocated in your top profession?
C) The number of you've revocated in the profession that you currently are?
D) Something completely different?


Luiman04 answered:

Total times revocated in all with your main character
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naanomi answered:

The number of times you have revocated in your top profession, only with the main character. Be aware that you may initially get *worse* grottos, because your highest level also counts, so unless you have a second class at level 99 there is a good chance it will (at least initially) lower the quality of grottos you will find.
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baratron answered:

D) Something different.

Only the hero's levels count (the rest of your party doesn't), and only your maximum levels/revocation count. So if you're currently an L1 Luminary, but you have L50 in Minstrel, then you count as an L50 character. And if you've used revocation on your Warrior class twice, but your Gladiator class three times, then you count as having used revocation only three times for the purposes of grottos. Note that you can only use revocation on a single class a maximum of 10 times.
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