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Getting the thief's key?

i went to the tent in dourbridge, and all that popped up was

| Prayer Ring | 3 |
| Elfin Elixir | 5 |
| Saint's Ashes | 8 |
| Reset Stone | 10 |
| Orichalcum | 15 |
| Pixie Boots | 20 |

but no key. what did i do wrong?

Accepted Answer

Azn_Playah answered:

You used an AR code to give you 99 mini medals and therefore lost access to all of the normal mini medal rewards like the thief's key. That or you already turned in 99, got all the rewards, and forgot that you already have the thief's key as well as the other rewards.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Did you use the max mini medal cheat for action replay or something?
Because if you did you can no longer get the items.

The list you have right now is after you've turned in 80 mini medals and now you can but those items with mini medals.
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slimetimedragon answered:

It's a normal mini medal reward, so, you should have it unless you used an AR code. Check your important items list. If there is no thief key, you are doomed to never open a locked chest
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