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Will i be able to beat Corvus's second form?

Barbarus was pathetically easy, isn't he?
Paladin, LVL 40, Hammers.
Ranger, LVL 37, Bows.
Warrior, LVL 44, Swords (Uber Falcon Blade)
Warrior, LVL 37, Swords (Erdricks Sword)
I will level, but I WON'T change vocation. Yet. If no, tell me how many levels. If yes, tell me tactics... anything you can really. I know there are loads of these questions circulating. Sorry.

TheBonsaiSlaya provided additional details:

This is getting really weird. He keeps on using NEW moves, and no matter how higher I level the party he just pwns us in 3 turns... same time it took to kill Barbarus lol. Right, levelling to 45. LMS here I come! I think.

Accepted Answer

TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

Never mind. Dug out ol' action replay and now we are clad from head to toe in 5 star gear and are all omnivocational masters!
Except one guy. Not omni yet...
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PokemonVeteran answered:

Barbarus is pretty easy. Putting him aside for the moment, your party looks fine, but i'd level a little more till your party's all around level 45.
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