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To be continued? *spoilers*

After I beat the game, it said after the credits and all that, to be continued. Is this referring to the little post game quest to get sterlings whistle or will there be a whole new game continuing the story later on?

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AlphaReptile answered:

My opinion: It is most likely post-story events in the game is what 'to be contined" is refering to. Most of the extra quests you obtain from Wi-Fi are mostly story based (at least that is what we are getting so far) that backs this up.
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epicwoots answered:

With the team behind dragon quest, i don't think anybody knows. it might just be the post game parts, or it might continue with some of the characters in dragon quest X, or even a spin-off.
so my answer, probably as well as many others, is N/A.
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