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How to beat corvus?

what is the best way to beat corvus in his final form?
My team
(Leonardo/me) ministrel lv56
Samantha sage lv38 (in training)
Amanda mage lv52
Micheal martial artist lv55

soulsilver132 provided additional details:

I changed my mage to a gladiator what shoul she use?

soulsilver132 provided additional details:

Around what level shoul i get her to to fight corvus?

soulsilver132 provided additional details:

Is there a way you can see how much health your opponets have left? If so please tell me

soulsilver132 provided additional details:

What is the armour & weapon for my hero? He has a fire blade, boss shield, mythril helm, sacred armour, heavy handwear, dragon warrior trousers and boots, and mighty armlet.

Where can find the ones you name?


GAMEFRAK100 answered:

Well, to me it seems like you could beat him right where you stand now if you haven't tried yet. But if you still can't beat him than try changing either the mage or martial artist to a Gladiator.
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PokemonVeteran answered:

I don't mean to disappoint you but there is no way to see how much health your opponents have left. it'd be nice though. As for your gladiator, she should be fine...just make sure that she uses a sword and has falcon slash. One last thing i want to add is that you should try and have your martial artist and gladiator whenever possible reach super high tension and then hit Corvus hard.
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PokemonVeteran answered:

Falcon slash is a sword skill, not an item.
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DatBoyAlex answered:

I beat him with all my teamates in lvl 30-35.
My team
I forgot what level they were, but i know it's between 30-35
I used my paladin for defence using kabuff or magic barrier
If you have a higher leveled priest, he could use insulatle to protect yourself from corvus's breath based attacks
Your priest could also use multheal or omniheal (if higher leveled priest)
Zing could be used by the minstrel and the priest, but your sage probably already has the spell kazing
And the warrior could be focused on taking away health from corvus
It would help to have everyone equipped with life bracers or a miracle sword
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beanojuice answered:

Well, corvus has 4800 max hp, so for finding how much hp left, you could simply subtract the damage dealt from 4800 starter, over and over, and using that to your advantage, choosing the right attacks, and deciding if channel anger is worth the risk, and also if you should change weapons under misc on the battle menu. hope this helps!
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Greenfacialhair answered:

My party consists of:
Minstrel: 56
Priest (in training): 20
Martial artist (in training): 29
Paladin (in training): 28

I've stormed through every other boss with no problem but when it comes to corvus 2nd form, i've been dying and dying all the time.
My minstrel has Erdricks sword (sword skill 100), Mithryl helm, caraprotic armour, silver shield, vesta gauntlets, sturdy slacks, safer shoes and a spirit bracer.
Everyone is quite strong as they are but I wondered what level I should be to kill him

I owned this game since I was 6 and it's been ages but i've stil not killed him!
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