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Are there any items in the game that blocks curses?

The game says the cathlicon ring "...resists a whole range of undesirable effects" but im not sure about curses.

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AlphaReptile answered:

The Cathlicon Ring does not prevent curses, but instead increases the resistance of status infliction and possibly debuffs infliction (though not 100% sure about the resistance towards debuffs). However, you can remove curses from equipment by using alchemy. Just combine your cursed item with Saint's Ashes (some need one while others need three Saint's Ashes) and you'll get a better piece of equipment.
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pyromite answered:

Curses are self-inflicted status ailments. There is no cure for a curse short of having a Priest in your party cast Benediction or going to a church and paying them to do it; either way, the equipment that's cursing you is automatically removed. You can alchemize the cursed equipment, they all require either Saint's Ashes or a Lucky Necklace, but you can't wear the cursed equipment itself and not be cursed.
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