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How can I grind up to revocate with crappy grottos?

I'm having an issue where my party is each level 50 in each class (except luminary), with no revocations, and my grotto maps keep getting worse. I understand I should level my main to 99 in two different classes, and revocate one of them as many times as possible, but how do i get those two classes to 99? Should I just be grinding slime hill? or is it possible that something like "basalt crypt of regret lvl 44" or "platinum icepit of glee lvl 29" could still net me a LMS or MKS map?

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pyromite answered:

I'd suggest taking one or two characters to Slime Hill with either Falcon Blades/Metal Slash or boomerangs/Metalicker. Or a combination of the two. Also, make a pair or two of Elevating Shoes as soon as you can and equip them. An extra 5% experience to the person(s) wearing it/them.

To make those shoes, get a pair of Depressing Shoes from a Liquid Metal Slime (good luck on that) and mix it with a Lucky Necklace (you'll need even more luck with that).
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PokemonVeteran answered:

Slime hill and The Tower of Nod are generally good places to grind levels.
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dunno001 answered:

Yeah, Slime Hill is probably your best bet for grinding; I've been working on my characters there. Though, I use a slightly different strategy- all 4 of my party members have the "Have a Ball" ability (Minstrel tree), and that gives each character several chances to hit the enemies, though you can't control which one it hits. I've had 3 metal babbles killed in 1 battle a few times with this method.
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BWBtehawezome answered:

I think Slime Hill is a good place. I suggest taking a minstrel that knows Have a Ball, a Martial Artist that knows Trip of a Deathtime, someone with a boomerang and a character that gets a lot of critical hits. Yeah, that's what I do, but there are a lot of ways to kill those slimes.
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