Question from freakmage

Where are the recipes located?

Which town have which recipes.


TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

1. Check Zaraf's guide. Use try your luck to make those recipes.
2. Search every bookshelf you come across. Even if it is in a dungeon, it could still contain knowledge of truly great weapons.
I don't think anyone has yet made a list of where each recipes can be found though.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

1. There's a recipe guide I saw in the FAQs section like TheBonsaiSlaya mentioned.
2. Almost every town has bookshelves. Look through those, and you will have tons of recipes. (Tip: **PLOT SPOILER AS WELL UNLESS UR ALREADY PAST** Gleeba & Swinedimples Academy have monster shelves of books. There's tons of useful recipes there!)
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yab answered:

Check this thread
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