Question from blairbryan

How do I start getting Recipe's?

I have unlocked the Krak Pot, but I cannot find any recipes on bookshelves. Everytime I look at any of the books I just get a book title and a synopsis of the book. How can I start finding and collecting recipe's?


PokemonVeteran answered:

Only thing i can suggest is by looking everywhere. Search every bookshelf that you come across, you'll find recipes eventually.
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TGSnowwy answered:

Recipes don't start appearing on shelves until Coffinwell. Angel Falls, Stornway, and Zere don't have any.
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Emilux answered:

Look in every single bookshelf you can find. Also I believe that you get some by doing certain quests and completing grottos
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StarSolarDQ answered:

In bookshelves, there are recipes all over the world
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