Question from DragooN_25

Sterlings whistle?

Is there an AR code for Sterlings whistle?

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

I had it but it disappeared.

DragooN_25 provided additional details:

I 'm Lv.99+4,Lv.99+2,and Lv.99 and I don't want to restart because of my levels and I have almost all the ultimate armour.


ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Not that I know of.
You might as well just do the quest for it instead.

Speak to Jona in Port Llaffan to start the quest.
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Crazed_kid answered:

ah you used a AR code for all items I am assuming and it dissappeared. Same thing happened to me. I had to restart.
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Crazed_kid answered:

The only thing you can try is the all items AR code but i have never used it before so i have no idea.
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