Question from LongVagebond

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat (Corvus)????

My Party :
Warrior lv.43
Paladin lv.36
Priest lv.36
Martial Arist lv.42

How to defeat him? can you give me bezt sulotion to defeat him??

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where i can leveling my priest?

Accepted Answer

From: PokemonVeteran 4 years ago

for your leveling, i would suggest going to the Bowhole and going to the third floor underground and kill liquid metal slimes for a little bit. I'd do that until your party is all around the level 45.

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Try leveling your priest and paladin to atleast level 40 that way your priest knows multiheal

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I agree with the need to level. I would suggest trying to level your paladin and priest up to level 40. Also, if you're willing to level more, you may want to switch the Priest to a Sage to get access to Kazing.

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You can also change vocations to lv 1s, then harvest skill points. You can level quickly because you have good equipment, then allocate skill points to Virtue (defense and HP) and something to increase strength, hp, or agility.

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Like everyone says you need to be at least lv. 45. plus if your priest learns multiheal that will help a lot since he does a lot of a lot of phisical damage.

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