Question from vozome

Asked: 4 years ago

Are some quests more difficult with a high lvl party?

title says it all, I'm about 50 hours post-game and I've spent more time levelling up my party and getting good gear than doing all the quests, i'm wondering if some quests are notoriously harder for high-level characters.

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From: Pokegirl 4 years ago

I've noticed that some actually are harder, yes. I'm the same way, and any quest involving drop items from low level enemies has been much, much harder for me unless I switched to lower-leveled classes. If you're going to pick up quests involving low level baddies, I would suggest swapping classes or revocating if needed.

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Ones where enemies run away are generally more difficult with high levels. But most can be remedied with skills like Warcry. I haven't experienced problems with simply having to kill weaker monsters, though.

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My party are pretty low levelled. I think it would be easier with high levelled members, but there is a risk of things like slimes fleeing from battle on an important, slime-related quest.

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