Question from Sgt_Deathclaw

What did I do wrong?

I finished the game and also the quest to get Sterling's Whistle.
After talking to Stella a getting instructions on how to pilot the train, I started to use it. I landed in the mortal land and hopped off the train. After some frustration and much trying I could not get the train to come back and land. Am I doing something wrong? What's up!
I would love to continue the post game and access all areas available by the train. I know I can start over but It took me so long to get to this point. I still want wnat to know if I did something wrong so I do not do it again.

Accepted Answer

yak_breeder answered:

If it's the whistle you can't find, look in your characters' inventories or the bag.
If you're inside a dungeon or something, it won't come out, just use it out in the field.
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