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Chest Rank? do you determine chest rank? I know it's related to the overall rank, but how closely related is it? Will I find say, rank 5 chests in G dungeons?

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Hm...well, maybe. I wish there was a hard&fast way to tell...looking for dangerous bustiers is getting annoying. Although...would level determine it too?

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baratron answered:

There's an explanation of the grotto names and quality here:

There's also a calculator that will predict treasures available from a dungeon based on its name and some other information like Hero's maximum level. I don't know much about it beyond its URL, but you could use it to make predictions.
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jeronimo777 answered:

I think it has something with the grotto name. I think grottos that start with the word...bronze for example, will have lower ranked chests while grottos that start with the word sapphire will have much better ranked chests.
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