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Where can I find a LMS?


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HugDaddy answered:

You can find LMS in several areas:

- the Bowhole (B2 and B3)

- a "volcano" grotto with rank "H" foes (i.e., Hunter Mech, Infernal Armour, Troll, Moosifer, Bagma, Mandrake Marauder)

- a "ruins" grotto with rank "E" monsters (i.e., Claws, Great Troll, Sick Trigertaur, Octagoon, Darkonium Slime)

- the "slime hill" (plateau NE of Angel Falls) accessible post-game
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

You can find them on BF3 of the Bowhole.
You can also find some on the cliff near Angel Falls ( Post-game only )
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