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Where can I find Great trolls?

Trying to get a sage...

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(Without post-game)


VulpesMundi answered:

Before post-game, they appear in the final dungeon (Realm of the Mighty) in the lower areas.
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Pokegirl answered:

They appear in some grottoes (even during main game), and, as Mundi said, in the Realm of the Mighty.
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rh3ia answered:

Go into the realm of the mighty, and go up to the volcano/prison room, they are usually there, plus, they are purple.
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Hazzathedestroy answered:

They appear in the jail cells in the corvus transformed realm of the mighty. also they appear in grottos lvling from about 38+ they have 650 hp i think and they have absaloutely awful crits that do no damage at all if ur defense is over 370. get a fellow team mate with good armour who is a mage and egg them on until 100 and use frizz if u r trying 2 get the sage class.
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sonicspeedguy answered:

Relm of the mighty
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orlok_the_great answered:

go to the realm of the mighty and they are in the 3rd room
Get a paladin and have him use forbearance or whipping boy on the mage
also egg on your mage to 100 tension while damaging him about 500 health then use frizz realy easy
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