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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find lucida shards ?

I wants me a good uber falcon blade. I just need 2 lucida shards...

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The desert has a farming spot, right? Where is it if it does have a farmin spot?

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From: scrapper14 4 years ago

you can make them with 3 brighten rock and 3 Evencloth

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Up to 7 Evencloths can be found in the pit at the south where the Gold Golems are. (Enter the pit, then walk to the west and up a ramp to a place where there's a stone circle). They take ages to reset but then all 7 seem to come at once.

Up to 3 Brighten Rocks can be found east of Gleeba, a bit north of the oasis.

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You can make Lucida Shards using 3 Brighten Rock and 3 Evencloth
Brighten rock spawn point- North of Gleeba
Evencloth spawn point- Southern pit south of Gleeba

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The funnest way to get them is from a post-story quest in a well on the plateau in Western Wormwood. A wizard guy wants you to go beat Shogum. Easy. Bring it back to him and he'll give you a Lucidia Shard. It can be repeated!!!

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