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How do I beat the REAL Levathian?

I sumoned the real levathian and when im gonna figth it i lose in less than 10 turns! can someone help me on how to beat it?

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TGSnowwy answered:

Multiheal and the Mage spell Blunt really helped me. Use Gritty Ditty or Oomph or some other attack-power-booster on your fighters, and have them use Falcon Slash, Multithrust, or some other high-damage skill.

Also, don't forget that you can change equipment during battle (Misc -> Equip, or something like that) in the first menu of each round.
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VulpesMundi answered:

Grind experience for higher levels. Get better gear. Change classes to learn more skills (Multiheal on Priest or Sage is a good recommendation). Ultimately just keep trying until you get it right.
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AlphaBlaze12 answered:

Grind you guys to a level between 40 - 50 or higher then equip them with a weps with good def and atk prefably like a silver shiel and a uber falcon blade. Get someone to use oomph on someone that gonna use falcon slash get some to charge tension use some to heal and that should be it that how I beat the real leviathan
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