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How do I solve Quest 94 - Nurtural Selection?

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! I'm running around fighting monsters, not healing inbetween the battles, waiting until my characters' HP goes orange, then having my Priest use Moreheal during the battle. But it doesn't count?

I've even tried going back to Wormwood Creek and fighting in the area immediately outside the town in case it's like Quest 93 and only counts if you're there. But it's still not working - I'm on 0 times.

The solution in Roto Arel & Zaraf's Quest Guide says "Solution: Must be done in battle. Damage floors can help you lower your HP." but I don't know what a damage floor is - something in a grotto? Nothing in the quest description in game or the notes in the FAQ tells you to go into a grotto, though.


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baratron answered:

To answer my own question - it seems the description of the quest is wrong. It says that characters' HP goes yellow and then orange, and you need to heal them on orange. This is incorrect - their HP goes ORANGE and then RED, and you need to heal them when it's on red for it to be accepted.
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6juhziz9 answered:

damage floor is a floor "tile" that makes you lose HP, and you need to be on almost zero HP, and then cast moreheal.
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