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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get to the queen's bathplace ?

This is after the part when you find the gold lizard.
l need the alternative way, where she is about to cut the fygg.
How do i get in there?

Accepted Answer

From: baratron 4 years ago

ReDDsHaD0w is basically correct, except that Brunhild (the woman on the roof) unlocks the Paladin vocation, not Gladiator!

Make sure you talk to the right man by the water - some people have talked to the old man in the corner instead of the man fishing in the middle.

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Go up to the roof, where the person who gives you the Gladiator quest/vocation is.
There will be a man who looks like he's fishing or something in the water talk to him and you can now jump in.

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