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Whats the best way to make money ?

l'm always out of money, and i was wondering if anyone had a strategy of some kind, or knows of a monster to kill that drops a lot of money. Thanks!

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dunno001 answered:

If you don't care for fighting, since the enemies with the most money are also more rare spawns, then you can abuse alchemy. The easiest to make and profit off of is the Ear Cosy- you can buy the Fur Hood in Slurry Quay, Lambswool in Batsureg, and Bunny Tails in several towns, including the town south of Alltrades Abbey (that I always spell wrong... Port Llafein or something...) and Zere. Making one to sell nets you 230 gold profit, but you can start saving up (and fight some gold golems) to buy in bulk. While the alchemy pot only makes 9 at a time, you can get 99 of each item, netting you a little over 22K gold in profit for a 99 item run. The gold armor also can be made for a profit; though the profit per item is higher, the layout for the ingredients is MUCH higher- you'll need over 400K to do a 99 run on those, for a payout of of ~32K in profit.
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kanesmith2 answered:

Gold golem drop 505 gold every kill they can be found in gleeba in the dark colored place southeast on the map.But once you start to get higher lvl you might have to start alcheming things to get enough money for the better equipment.
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antny1 answered:

Jewel Slimes drop 10k gold, however you can only find them in high lv grottoes. This seems the best way however I'm lv 99 and have 2 revocations and I still can't find them; I have a chance but have yet to find one.
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in4life answered:

How to make the most money with purchased items and alchemy.

Gold Mail = Silver Mail + Gold Bracer + Gold Ring

Silver Mail x99 = $396,000
Gold Bracer x99 = $34,650
Gold rings x99 = $21,780

Total = $452,430

Sell Gold Mail x99 =$485,100
Profit = $32,670

Gold Bracer and Gold Ring are both available at Porth Llaffan's item shop. Silver Mail is available at Bloomingdale's Armor shop that doesn't specialize in shoes.

Ear Cosy = Fur Hood + Bunny Tail + Lambswool
Fur Hood x99= $54,450
Bunny Tail x99 = $23,760
Lambswool x99 = $17,820

Total = $96,030

Sell Ear Cosy x99 =$118,800
Profit =$22,770

Lambswool is bought at Batsureg, Bunny Tail is bought at Zere, and Fur Hood is bought at Slurry Quay.
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