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Team help?

Ok so my team right now is
lvl 40 gladiator
lvl 37 ranger
lvl 41 priest(changing to sage after corvus)
lvl 39 paladin
So thats my team for corvus but after him i'm thinking about changing the ranger to an armamentalist or a mage but i can't decide which 1.Anyone wana give me some suggestions as to which one i should go with?

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jeronimo777 answered:

It's really all up to your opinion of which is better. If you really want someone else's opinion...

Armamentalist makes a fantastic support character. Fource can really help you defense and offense wise. It really helps when fighting grotto/legendary bosses. Mages have the best magical might of any vocation. You could always max out the skill trees of the armamentalist and then switch to mage or vice versa. Really, it is up to you.
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baratron answered:

It would be easier to change your Ranger to an Armamentalist because at least they have one weapon in common: the Bow. So any skill points you've put into Bow would not be wasted. Rangers and Mages have absolutely no weapons in common. (I'm presuming that if you were experienced enough to have an Omnivocational weapon class, you wouldn't be asking this question.)

Have you thought instead about changing your Priest to a Mage or Armamentalist, and your Ranger to an Sage? Priests, Mages and Armamentalists all have Shields and Wands in common; while Rangers and Sages have both Bows and Boomerangs in common. It really depends how much you've put into the Priest's skillset Faith for the Magical Mending bonuses. If you haven't put many skill points in there, you might as well switch both characters around.

If you want to post the attributes of your characters (just number of skillpoints in each Ability), we could give you a better idea.
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kjam9 answered:

I recomend a armamentalist
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