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What are the weaknessess for all the types?

i want to knnow what the weaknessess are for each type of monster (as in family)
plz make it like this:

Dragon Family - [the weakness]


icedragonr answered:

I am pretty sure weaknesses does not go by families.
(skimmed through a DQ9 guidebook at gamestop) >.>
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DragooN_25 answered:

Only grotto and Legacy bosses have weaknesses.There is an FAQ that says grotto and Legacy bosses weaknesses.
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Derak_Necron answered:

The only one that seems to work this way is the Slime family (for the most part, I would exclude Metals from this)

The Slime Family is weak to Funereal Fource (or whatever specific damage type it applies to your character)

Other creatures are usually weak to their opposite obvious element, such as, Shivery Shrubbery's are weak to fire, Undeads are Weak to light.
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andaraen answered:

Actually, the level 40 armamentalist quest has you hunt down several monsters and kill them with the element they resist, so you can probably assume their weakness is the exact opposite.
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Crimson_Chocobo answered:

Sword does 110% damage to Dragon Family
Spear does 110% damage to Beast Family
Knife does 110% damage to Bug Family
Wand does 110% damage to Demon Family
Whip does 110% damage to Humanoid Family
Staff does 110% damage to Zombie Family
Claw does 110% damage to Machine Family
Fan does 110% damage to Aquatic Family
Axe does 110% damage to Plant Family
Hammer does 110% damage to Material Family
Boomerang does no extra damage
Bow does 110% damage to Bird Family
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