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Are the best armours and weapons only avaible through wifi or is it possible to get most of the armour and weapons that the wifi shop has through alchemy?

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So..your saying that the armour and weapons and stuff in selimas shop isn't neccesarily better then alchemy armour?

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dunno001 answered:

All of the best equipment in the game can be gotten without ever accessing the Wi-Fi shop, for that matter, you can also get 100% of the alchemy pot recipes (which is where the best stuff is) without it. The Wi-Fi shop will usually give you access to stuff that makes life easier and faster, like more Lucky Pendants, and is required to get 100% of items and wardrobe, due to exclusive items.

So unless you're an absolute completionist, you're fine without ever accessing it.
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baratron answered:

The best equipment is generally made through alchemy. Most of what's in Sellma's wifi shop is useful more to complete the Wardrobe than because it's really good armour. The exception to this so far seems to be the Dragon Quest III items, which are actually very good for Priests and Mages - but they are also available through Grottos.
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baratron answered:

All of the very best equipment is made through alchemy. Sellma's wifi shop armours are unusual, tend to have a higher star rating, and may boost more than one stat (e.g. the Afros at the moment boost Defence AND Magical Mending AND Magical Might). But they're not the best in the game.
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