Question from Skyressfreak27

How do I beat the final boss?

I can't beat Corvus I have a
Lv 44 Warrior MC
Lv45 MA
Lv 44 Priest
Lv 37 Ranger
I onlle have Paladin and Ranger unlocked


o2awesome answered:

I might reccomend a paladin for your MC. I beat Corvus with A paladin lv 40, priest lv 44, gladiator lv 42, and sage lv. 18 she was useless. I will reccomend a gladiator. They are uber attackers.
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DragooN_25 answered:

I beat him with a Lv.50 Minstrel,Lv.48 Thief,Lv.49 Martial Artist,and Lv.46 Priest.I recommend you change the ranger to a minstrel or thief or Level the ranger up.
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Kaiserkid64 answered:

I took him down 3rd try with a minstrel, theif, prest, and mage, all around level 44-45. With the best equipment you ought hold up pretty well against his attacks. Don't rely to heavily on stat-boosting spells/abilities, since he has Disruptive Wave. You've probably seen most of his attacks at this point. Just in case, though, a word of warning: Corvus seems to like using Magic Burst after he meditates to restore 500 HP. I'd try to block it if possible, because it can lay out your whole team in one blast. If you can recover from that, the rest of the fight should go well.
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jelly571 answered:

change your MC to a paladin, make that MA a gladiator by talking to the dude downstairs in the alltrades abby (the quest is pretty easy) and its even easier because you have a MA so use your MC to egg on the MA and also have your MA use the ability to tighten focus until it hits 100 and just kill a slime in that state.
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dqfan53127 answered:

I beat him with a 40 minstrel, 40 priest, 41 warrior, and a 37 warrior

i recommend level grinding and gold digging so you can get new equipment.
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epb45 answered:

If i where you i would go and get an anmamentalist, cos they r amazing. The guy in red clothes at alltrades is the guy that hands out the quest.
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LanLan12345 answered:

I beat him with a minstrel, I think the level was around 45 and my other 3 characters were warriors around the same. I used my best equipment on them and spammed Gigaslash and Falcon Slash. If you have the patience to grind like that, do so.
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sonicspeedguy answered:

The best for me is amanantalist lvl46 sage lvl47 gladiator lvl45 padlin lvl 44 note this party is a bad combonation for shogum or other grotto bosses 3glads 1sage is good
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